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Empire Building (TC)

The Basics
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SLAV's primary goal is to expand our presence and influence within the realms of Canteri and the Jungle. We aim to establish ourselves as formidable forces in these regions, leveraging our collective strengths and resources to assert control over key territories and strategic locations. Our vision encompasses not only territorial expansion but also the exploration and conquest of all PvE content that the game has to offer. SLAV, as an international guild with a rich 10-year history, proudly stands as a beacon of stability and power in the virtual landscape. While maintaining an international presence, we take pride in having the biggest Polish community within our guild. Over the years, we've diligently cultivated our guild, building a vast network of establishments and infrastructure throughout the game world. From Isle Keep to our presence in every dungeon and major content location, SLAV has demonstrated its dominance and prowess in the game's competitive landscape. Our extensive experience and expertise have enabled us to achieve significant milestones and accomplishments within the virtual world. One of our most notable achievements is the ownership of the Isle Keep and surrounding territory, which serves as a testament to our dedication and leadership in the game. In addition to our territorial holdings, SLAV actively participates in large-scale server wars, where we demonstrate our prowess in coordinated battles and strategic maneuvers. Our presence in these conflicts not only solidifies our standing as a formidable force but also showcases our commitment to collaborative gameplay and teamwork. Looking ahead, our plans for the guild are ambitious yet achievable. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of exploration and conquest, seeking out new challenges and adversaries to overcome. Whether it's delving into the depths of treacherous dungeons or facing off against powerful raid bosses, we are determined to conquer all PvE content that the game has to offer. Furthermore, as one of the oldest Coalition guilds in the game, we take pride in our rich history and legacy of excellence. We strive to uphold the values and traditions that have defined SLAV throughout the years, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and unity among our members. In summary, our goals for the guild encompass territorial expansion, PvP & PvE conquest, and continued participation in large-scale server wars. With our international reach, 10-year legacy, reputation, and unwavering dedication, we are confident in our ability to achieve success and leave a lasting impact on the virtual world we inhabit.

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